Figure Athlete Pre-Contest Program Digital Download
Figure Athlete Pre-Contest Program Digital Download

Figure Athlete Pre-Contest Program Digital Download

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As Featured in Beverly International's No Nonsense Magazine!

"I haven't just done it myself, I have worked with hundreds of women with the dream of stepping on a Figure stage at their best. My Figure Athlete Pre-Contest Training program is the compilation of years of research and has been proven to work! If you want to compete and are ready to take your physique to the next level, this is the program for you!" Julie Lohre
Are you planning to compete in a Figure or Fitness competition or simply look like you can take the stage? After a tight, well defined body? Looking for a 4 week workout plan that lines out specifically what to do in the gym along with a sample nutrition plan to prep with? This is the program for you!

My Figure Athlete Pre-Contest Program is a 4 week guide that gives you all the specifics and includes a 4 day per week workout plan demonstrated on Video which targets the trouble spots for most Figure Competitors...Abs & Glutes!

This 4 week program comes with:
Julie Lohre's Figure Athlete Pre-Contest Workout Video
PDF Reference guide that include:
Printable Gym Workout Cards for each Workout Day so you know exactly what to do!
Cardiovascular Exercise Plan
Recommended Pre-Contest Nutrition Plan
Recommended Pre-Contest Supplement Plan

(This program comes with a Video and a PDF Guide, this is NOT a custom online training program. If you are in need of a custom program, be sure to check out the Online Contest Prep Training Program)

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

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