We offer two amazing Branch Chain Amino Acid products... Beverly International Glutamine Select with BCAAs and Beverly International Muscularity.  Both of these supplements help you maintain lean muscle tissue while you burn fat.  So, how do you decide?  

Beverly International Glutamine Select with BCAAs is a drink mix powder that athletes sip on before, during, and after training. It is great for recovery and will help you spare and increase your lean muscle tissue.

Beverly International Muscularity comes in capsules. You’ll get best results from Muscularity by taking two capsules with each meal. Muscularity also contains the same form of chromium as Lean Out and will help you lose fat and retain lean muscle.

If you are super motivated to build some nice lean muscle and your budget allows it then maybe you’ll want to try them both. Take two Muscularity capsules with each meal and then mix up two scoops of Glutamine Select in your water bottle and sip from it as you train or perform cardio.

TIP: Many athletes on calorie restricted diets also sip Glutamine Select between meals to improve energy and fight hunger cravings.