Energy Reserve
Energy Reserve

Energy Reserve

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Do your fat burning efforts always eat up your hard-earned muscle? 

This supplement helps you ADD lean muscle while you eliminate that last bit of stubborn fat. 

WHAT: Energy Reserve is pure L-Carnitine. Each tablet provides 600 mg. 

WHO: For those who desire to reduce stored fat for energy. For those who are in the final stages of contest prep. Energy Reserve is also for those who want to increase testosterone receptivity and add muscle. 

WHY: L-Carnitine is a co factor required to utilize stored fat for energy. It can also enhance muscle growth through a number of mechanisms supported by clinical research. It increases blood flow to muscles and improves testosterone receptivity which allows more testosterone to stimulate further muscle growth. 

HOW: For enhanced fat loss take 1 Energy Reserve tablet and 2 Lean Out with each meal or shake during the last 6-8 weeks of your diet peaking plan. 
Muscle Growth: Take 2 Energy Reserve tablets with breakfast, 2 pre workout, 2 post workout, and 2 before bed.

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