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Is All Or Nothing Thinking Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

Is All Or Nothing Thinking Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

Have you thought to yourself before... 

"Moderation is impossible for me"

"I have to be all or nothing with everything I do"

"I am not the kind of person that can eat 'just one bite' of a food"

"If I go off the wagon with one meal, then the whole day is ruined, I might as eat whatever for the rest of the day!"

 Is All Or Nothing Thinking Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?  Do you find yourself caught in this cycle where all or nothing thinking is sabotaging your weight loss?  If so, then I have good news for you.  YOU can make the choice.  YOU have the ability to stop this thinking in its tracks and make changes that will support your long term health and wellness.  You don't have to give up donuts forever because you are afraid that eating one will lead to eating the whole dozen.  If you have been struggling with all or nothing thinking be it with nutrition or exercise, then it is time for you to take control.  

What is all or nothing thinking?

The term all or nothing thinking means that your mind directs you in terms that would be considered absolutes.  Words like 'always' and 'never' because your defaults.  With all or nothing thinking, it can be difficult to recognize alternate options depending on the situation you find yourself in.  

What is an all-or-nothing mindset about eating?

Women who lean toward this kind of all or nothing mentality when it comes to nutrition struggle with maintaining a healthy weight and living a balanced lifestyle.  Often they suffer from depression or possibly anxiety because their mind pushes toward the negative or downsides in most situations.    At the extremes, women can develop disordered eating issues and it is not an uncommon thinking pattern for those with anorexia, bulimia or binge eating disorders.  That said, you do not have to have an eating disorder for all or nothing thinking to have a negative impact on your weight loss goals.  Even just identifying yourself as an all or nothing person can set you on a negative path that makes it difficult to balance.  

So, how can I stop all or nothing thinking?

If you really want to stop all or nothing thinking and end the self sabotage, here are the steps that I recommend to put an end to it for good.

First, start with what you tell yourself each day.  Your thoughts have power and you have to be the one to plant the seed in your mind that you in fact are NOT an all or nothing kind of person.  If I were to tell myself each day that I was worthless or dumb, over time, I would begin to accept that.  The more you choose to believe that you are a certain way, the more you become that very thing.  Put an end to the self-sabotage by  eliminating those mantras from your thoughts.  Often though it is more subtle than that and you might not even recognize the thoughts until they have deep roots.  So, it is important to start with becoming cognizant of what your own beliefs are and what you are telling yourself.

Ending all or nothing thinking tip #1

In order to make changes to your mentality, you have to recognize that you are doing it.  

Awareness is key!  Become aware of what all or nothing thinking is and notice when you are doing it.  Then replace that thought or mantra with a more positive one.  So, instead of thinking "I had one donut, I might as well eat the whole box" or "I suck at balance" replace those thoughts with "I am good with healthy balance" or "I love that I can enjoy just one treat, that is enough."  Even if you do not believe it at first, if you tell yourself these kind of positive affirmations enough, you will come to believe them.  

Ending all or nothing thinking tip #2

Know that just one or a bit of something really can be enough.

You might find yourself slipping into these thoughts:

  • Why should I bother going for a walk or doing 15 minutes of exercise, certainly those things are not enough to make a difference?
  • I have to be totally clean with my eating or it won't matter.
  • I can't have just one of anything or just a little sugar, I am not that kind of person.
  • No pain, no gain.  Go hard or go home.

The bottom line is, these kind of statements are just false.  A little can make a difference and it can be enough.  One step in the right direction is still a step forward.  A walk might not burn as many calories as an hour of high intensity training, but that does not mean it is not valuable.  

You want the good news?  

  • Small amounts completed daily IS the difference.
  • Little steps taken consistently is exactly what gets you to your goals.
  • Small amounts done consistently is MORE than enough.
  • A little bit done consistently is ALL YOU NEED. 
  • To kick all or nothing thinking you need to know that small amounts can make a big difference. 

Ending all or nothing thinking tip #3

Make progress your goal, not perfection.  

We have all been there... work ran over, the alarm clock did not go off and you overslept, or maybe you just did not feel like spending an hour in the gym.  Whatever the reason, there are plenty of times when an all out workout becomes very difficult to fit in.  When those times happen, know that doing something is far better than doing nothing.  When those situations arise, dig deep and do something.  Get out and take a leisurely jog.  Hit the gym with the decision made that you are going to get in 20 mins because that is what you have time for, but make it count.  Take that extra 15 minutes at night to stretch instead of watching a few more minutes of TV.  Get up from your computer and simply walk around the office for 10 mins.  Those activities might not be intense, but guess what.  You have made the conscious decision that not all exercise has to be crazy intensity.  And when you make that choice, you recognize that everyday it is possible to fit in some kind of movement.  

There are some times when I sacrifice intensity because I don’t ‘go hard or go home’ but you know what I gain? Consistency. And consistency, is what makes you healthy. 

Bottomline... Stop trying to be perfect (news flash... we are human... none of us can ever be perfect) and instead, simply aim to make progress. 

Ending all or nothing thinking tip #4

Rejoice in the little victories. 

You know the say, about how to eat an elephant... one bite at a time, right?  Well, when you are trying to do BIG things like changing your all or nothing mindset, then it is important to focus on the small wins... because those are going to add up for you.  Is all or nothing thinking sabotaging your weight loss?  Well then, take the time to recognize when you have made those small victories and be proud of yourself!  It makes such a difference the war against all or nothing thinking.  Check out a few ways you can incorporate small wins that will make a big difference.  When you achieve one of these smaller goals, honor your progress!

  • Include even 1 additional serving of veggies in your day. 
  • Start your day with a full glass of water right after you get up.   
  • Schedule in 1 additional day of strength training each week. 
  • Eat at home 1 additional time each week.  Save money and calories that way!  
  • Make a point of getting in more steps each day. I would love to see you aim for 10,000 steps each day, but even just getting up for a 10 min walk can help you ditch the all or nothing mindset.
  • Have 1 donut... on purpose... and stop there intentionally.  (It helps if you only buy one so that there is not the temptation to eat more).  Feel good about it and notice that you feel ok NOT adding in more.  

Little, small steps will add up over time.  If you burn an extra 100 calories a day (or eat a little less), for a month, you’ll lose about 2 lbs. Keep that up for a year, and you’ll no longer doubt that the small stuff makes a difference anymore

Ending all or nothing thinking tip #5

Include the right supplements

If you find that you are wracked with cravings frequently, then adding in the right supplements can help combat that all or nothing thinking too.  I highly recommend the combination of Beverly International Lean Out and 7 Keto Musclean to kill cravings and stabilize your blood sugar.  

Beverly International Lean Out and 7 Keto Musclean Weight Loss Stack

Want to know more?  

Beverly International Lean Out
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All or Nothing Thinking - How to stop


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