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About Us is a small, family run business that was formed in 2002. A bit about what was behind our creation of FITBODY.

Several years ago, something happened that changed my life completely – I had a baby. Of course, having a child always changes a woman’s life but for me, along with this new bundle of joy came a deep, burning desire in my heart to get into the best shape I possible could!

I did not just want to be fit; I wanted to feel good, to be the woman that I had always wanted to be. Was I stubbornly trying to prove the naysayers wrong? Was I trying to make a point that women can be in amazing shape after childbirth? No, not really. What I was trying to do was prove to myself that it was possible. That I could have killer abs and rockin legs but more importantly that I could feel great about myself and find a happy balance in my life. Once I accomplished this goal for myself, I was bursting - I simply HAD to share what I had learned and done with other women.

That burning desire to have a fit, happy, healthy and balance life is what FITBODY is all about. My husband Rick and I have built with one, singular purpose...

Helping our customers get real results by living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and providing the most proven and well built supplement line to aid in that.

That is our goal in all that we do! Whether you visit here at or we want to share with you all the information we can to help you reach your fitness goals!! Speaking of information…there is lots! From training workouts, clean eating recipes, supplement information, packages of products and supplements specifically designed for the results your after....all to help you get and stay fit.

Want to work with Julie Lohre 1:1 for a personalized program to help you reach your goals? Check out Julie's proven Online Personal Training Program!

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