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7-Keto - Lean Out - Fat Loss Stack

The Super Fat-Loss Stack

7-Keto Musclean & Lean Out

It simply works! No Nonsense supplementation that helps you reach your goal of fat loss and avoiding muscle catabolism.

While Lean Out helps your body transport fat to tissues where it can be burned, 7-Keto Musclean stimulates your metabolism to burn fat more quickly. When stacked together, these two products can truly transform your physique!

7-Keto / Lean Out FAQ

1) How do I use 7-Keto and Lean Out for best fat loss results?

Stacking these two supplements for best results:
First Two Weeks of Use - Take 1 capsule of Lean Out with each meal/shake
Weeks 3+ - Take 2 capsules with each meal/shake

For caffeine sensitive users, begin by assessing your tolerance with 1 capsule. Repeat 4-6 hours later. Evaluate your tolerance.  After 1 week assess your tolerance and increase the dosage to 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the afternoon (4-6 hours later).
For caffeine tolerant users, take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules in the afternoon (4-6 hours later).

Both LEAN OUT and 7-KETO can be taken with or without food. Most people find it easier to be consistent when they take them with meals/shakes.

2) Should I reduce my calories if I am using Lean Out or 7-Keto?

The number of calories you eat each day is the most important determinant of your body weight. If you eat too many calories, you will not lose weight no matter what your diet, exercise or supplement habits. Thus, for best results, make sure you are eating a calorically-appropriate diet.
Keep in mind, too, that calorie-reduced diets are associated with a decrease in lean mass and metabolic rate. This can make further weight loss difficult. Ingredients in 7-KETO have been found to reduce the decrease in metabolism associated with dieting while sparing lean mass.

3. How long will it be before I notice results?
You may experience an increase in energy and cognitive performance within 30 minutes of taking 7-KETO. LEAN OUT and 7-KETO are meant to promote fat loss over longer periods of time (weeks or months) when used in conjunction a calorically-appropriate diet and a regular program of exercise. Clinical studies on one of 7-KETO’s chief ingredients, 7-keto, have reported weight loss of over 4 lb in only 3 weeks. (Also refer to the testimonials in the introduction.)

4. Will either of these products help me control my appetite?
The green tea and guarana in 7-KETO are natural sources of caffeine. Caffeine is well known for its effects on mood and perceived energy levels, both of which may temporarily reduce your appetite. LEAN OUT contains chromium. Anecdotally, chromium supplements have been used to help regulate appetite. This has not yet been confirmed in clinical studies, BI has received testimonials from clients who find that LEAN OUT reduces cravings for sweets. This may have something to do with chromium’s effects on glucose metabolism.

One female BI client told us:
“I’ve seen such a difference with LEAN OUT. Just the sheer drop in cravings for sugar make it so very worth it. This product is worth its weight in gold.”

Users of GLUTAMINE SELECT also find that it can help combat cravings for sweets.

Lean Out by Beverly International - Unlock your fat loss potential


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