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What People Ask About UMP Protein...

What People Ask About UMP Protein...

We’ve looked at the most common questions people are asking Google about  Protein. Whether you’re wondering about the shelf life, dieting with  or how many calories it contains, we’ve answered the top queries.

What is UMP?

Quite simply, UMP is food. It’s a nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable protein powder drink with highly bio-available levels of protein and a proprietary protein profile. 

UMP has a unique ratio of whey and casein proteins helps build and preserve lean muscle, and burn fat, for hours. Use it as a meal replacement to make weight-loss or fat-loss diets a snap. 

Can you lose weight on UMP?

We get this one a lot. The simple answer is yes. As long as you consume 450-500kcal less than your body needs each day, then you’ll lose ~1lb of fat a week. UMP is great for anyone calorie counting as you know exactly how many calories you’re having, and it's nutritional profile whilst making sure you’re not compromising on nutrition.  Take a look at our Workout Plans for a fully detailed plan on how to acheive the body of your dreams. 

Can UMP replace all meals?

Technically it could, although it’s not how we recommend UMP is used. It provides everything your body needs to thrive, just in a convenient form that allows you to add to your daily meal plan or a way for when people don’t have time to make a nutritious home-cooked meal.

Is UMP good for muscle gain?

UMP is a perfect nutritional component to add to your plan for muscle gain. Increased calorie intake, along with increased protein intake are essential for anyone trying to gain muscle. Each serving of UMP contains 20g* of highly bio-available protein.
* Rocky Road, Cookies & Cream contain 21g of protein per serving.  

Is UMP keto?

A ketogenic, or keto, diet is high fat and low carb with a moderate amount of protein. UMP perefectly fits this profile and can be used on a keto diet.  

Does UMP protein have gluten?

UMP is a naturally gluten free protein blend. However, our Cookies & Creme flavor does contain trace amounts of gluten, so if you are sensitive, you should avoid that flavor. 

Is UMP vegan?

It is not. Whey and Casein proteins that are used in UMP are sourced from animals.

If you want an ALLERGY FRIENDLY, GLUTEN, DAIRY, SOY FREE protein...Try our Beverly PBP! It's the ideal plant-based protein powder to fuel your body with quality nutrition and great vanilla taste (with a hint of cherry) without adding any dairy or soy to your diet. Each serving provides 21 grams of protein and a complete amino acid profile (including more than 5 grams BCAAs) for building lean muscle. 

Is UMP healthy?

Short answer YES! UMP has a unique ratio of whey and casein proteins obtained from fresh, Grade-A milk. This allows it to be absorbed quickly yet support lean muscle building and fat loss for hours. UMP is a lean and clean protein. It's low in carbs and sugar and contains practically zero lactose. 

Is UMP good?

We think UMP is great, and we’ve served the health and fitness industry since 1967, making us one of the longest running supplement companies, so others must agree with us. We’re also approved by a number of Registered Dietitians & Nutritionists.
Take a look at what some of our FITBODY family are saying about us.

Does UMP work?

First, you need to define what you mean by work. Can it help you lose weight? Can it help you build muscle? Is it healthy? The answer to all of these questions is YES. UMP is a great option to have when you need convenience but still want to eat healthily. 

How many calories are there in a scoop?

A level scoop of UMP Powder holds roughly 32g which is 120kcal. We recommend 2 scoops per serving. If you want to be extremely accurate, we recommend using some simple kitchen scales.  

Can UMP go bad?

UMP Protein Powder has a long shelf life. UMP Powder is good for 24 months from date of manufacturing when unopened. The date is clearly marked on each package with Best By Date.  Beyond the best before date it’s less about safety and more about quality, in terms of nutrition and taste. There will be minor degradation of some of the vitamins and minerals and a small risk of spoilage. 

Does UMP make you fart?

Well, any foods can have that effect, but fiber is normally the main culprit of gaseous emissions. UMP contains a small amount of fiber, and for most people should not cause any excess "bodily exhaust". If you’re suffering, examine your entire diet for fibrous overflow. That may be causing your gas.   

Will UMP make me bulky?

The notion that protein powders make you bulky is categorically untrue. The only thing that can make you ‘bulky’ is an excess of calories combined with a strict and intense weightlifting routine. Protein powder by itself does not make you bulky, just as weightlifting by itself does not turn anyone into the Hulk overnite!

So, especially ladies, please, keep enjoying your UMP Protein: It will help in keeping you full, maintain your lean muscle tissue, and, when combined with a healthy diet, sufficient sleep, and well-designed exercise program, UMP will help you feel and perform your absolute best.

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