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Fat Loss

Fat Loss

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Fat loss in a nutshell

Calories are key – as the old saying goes, "you can't outwork a bad diet". If you consume 500kcal less than you use, every day for one week, you will lose 1lb.

Ensure you get all essential nutrients – your health is vitally important, not just your waistline.  

Beverly International supplements can help you to stick to a diet that is calorically restricted, help you get restorative sleep, reduce stress and improve your energy levels.

Lasting weight loss will take time. It will take least three months to lose 12 pounds and six months to lose 25. There is no quick fix – It’s a marathon, not a sprint.  Any supplement out there promising you anything more is flat out lying. 

Be consistent - you can’t starve yourself for two days, then reward yourself by binging. Get into a routine to make things a little easier.  UMP Protein Powder makes meal management easy by allowing you what may feel like a treat filled with plenty of protein to ensure you're not burning muscle and stay in an anabolic state while losing fat. 

Consume 500kcal per day less than you need – understand calories and the amount each food and drink contain so you can adjust if you need to.

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