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Beverly International Fit Tabs Multi Vitamin

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Custom-designed for the fitness lifestyle

FitTabs vitamin formula is custom-made for Beverly. FitTabs is specially crafted to complement the dietary needs of those who lead an active lifestyle. Popular among active women, this formula includes iron peptonate, a type of iron known for its easy absorption, and a probiotic to support digestive health.

Size: 120 tablets (30 servings)

Why people like it

  • Unique formula: FitTabs is made exclusively for Beverly. It contains 25 essential vitamins and minerals, including iron peptonate, plus plus liver concentrate, RNA, a probiotic, and other nourishing ingredients not commonly found in multi-vitamin/mineral supplements., and other nourishing ingredients not commonly found in multi-vitamin/mineral supplements. Iron peptonate is a pre-digested, readily absorbed form of iron.

Secrets to Success

  • Take 2 tablets in the morning and 2 with your evening meal to support your daily nutritional intake. 

Ironclad Guarantee:

FitTabs is another way you can simplify your regime and get all the daily vitamins and minerals you need to get you through your demanding day. If, for any reason or no reason, you are not completely satisfied with FitTabs, just let us know and we'll take care of it. Really, it's that simple.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Rick Lohre
High Quality

A super high quality vitamin that can help ensure your body has the baseline nutrients and building blocks for a physically active adult. It's more than just the "reccomended daily allowance" and you can tell a difference when you use it. Add to that it's a quality supplement that's affordable and doesn't make you feel like you're "cheaping out". The energy and mental acuity boost is the very first thing I noticed with consistent use. It's now the first thing I take in the morning.

Julie Farnath
Must Have Daily Vitamin

You simply must have a high quality vitamin when you are training hard and trying to reach your fitness goals. I notice a huge difference when my clients consistantly take Fit Tabs!

Thank you so much for sharing your insights about Fit Tabs! We're thrilled to hear that you've noticed such a significant difference with FitTabs vitamins. It's wonderful to know that they are making a positive impact on your clients' fitness journeys.

We completely agree that having the right vitamins is critical when training hard.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in what we do here at FITBODY!

Best, Rick & Julie Lohre

Fit Tabs is my go-to multi-vitamin!

Fit Tabs is my go-to multi-vitamin! I take 2 every morning with breakfast and the difference in how fresh my skin looks, how much my hair grows, and how strong my nails are is amazing. This is THE one supplement I recommend to EVERY one of my online training clients. Women simply must have Fit Tabs to round out their vitamin and mineral intake for a healthy & FITBODY!

Ginny T
As a female physique athlete, these are key!

I appreciate that the serving size is 4 tablets, instead of 2 or 1. It allows for you to take the multivitamin over the course of several meals, and maximize the multivitamin's uptake in your body. Training twice, sometimes three times a day, I tend to take 2 pills with breakfast, 1 with lunch, and 1 with dinner. Some days I take 3 in the morning, and 2 with lunch or dinner on super heavy training days. Super quality ingredients, great multivitamin...I only trust Beverly International supplements. The rest are sawdust

Mike Sanderson
Health and Fitness Buff

I'm a health and fitness junkie and have been ever since college. I'm going on 48 y.o. now and have used a ton of vitamins over those years. I LOVE these. FitTabs are my go to supplement that no matter what, I take EVERY day. I only wish all companies would stand behind their product like Beverly with a 100% guarantee. I'd be a rich gal because I'd send every one I ever took back! LOL Thanks to Julie and Rich too...they are a great duo and take care of their customers like neighbors. Best, Mike

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