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Workout Tips for Women

Workout Tips for Women

“My diet starts Monday!”
“I'm too busy now, I will start next week.”
“I am going to be traveling, I just wait.”
"Well, I just ate a cookie with lunch, might as well have pizza and beer for dinner…"

No matter where you are at in your weight loss journey, if you are looking for the best workout tips for women, look no further. Continue to find yourself caught up in that natural human condition of procrastination and putting off starting your fitness plan?  Well, it is time to get your butt in gear and to start making changes toward your goals NOW!

Many of us feel that restless, itching need to do anything but the critical task at hand. Whether it difficult cardio session, cooking meals ahead of time or waking up early to get your workout in before the rest of the family is up, there always seems to be something else that you would rather be doing or that is more important.

As a Fitness Pro with over 15 years of experience motivating women toward reaching their full fitness potential, I want to share with you my 2019 workout tips to start strong toward your fitness goals and your weight loss journey. I know you can achieve the fitbody of your dreams, you just have to take that first step and get started!

Workout Tips For Women

2019 Workout Tips for your Weight Loss Journey

  1. Understand WHY you have been procrastinating. The most effective way to eradicate procrastination is to understand why you procrastinate in the first place. Be honest with yourself: Are you lost when you stand in the gym? Are you overwhelmed by how much weight you would like to lose? Do you feel like you should be doing something but you just don’t know what?
    Tip 1:   is to identify your reasons for procrastinating, you can find the best method to maximize your productivity.
  2. Back away from social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc… They all lower your productivity as 5 minutes of “just checking your notifications” mutates into 1 hour of shameless Facebook stalking. Either stick to a designated window of time to peruse your social media site, ask a friend to change your password or use a productivity tool to block access to your page during certain times of day.  
    Tip 2:  is to back away from social media
  3. Find your space. Atmosphere can really affect how effectively you workout. Some people do great working out at home while others constantly feel pulled to be doing other things if they try to train at home. Either find a gym that you really enjoy going to or designate an area of your home that is ‘workout only’ space. A place where you feel motivated and ready!  
    Tip 3: For your weight loss journey is to find a space where you love to workout.
  4. Get an accountability partner. Share your goals with a friend can make all the difference. Ask your partner to check on your progress and make sure you stay on the right track. Some times your husband or boyfriend can be a great accountability partner… and sometimes not so much. When you are looking for tips to avoid procrastination, know your partner’s personality and be sure it is compatible to your goals. Teamwork makes a difference!
    Tip 4: Find a partner that will hold you accountable!
  5. Fall into a pattern. Set aside blocks of time during the day devoted entirely to training. Try to make these blocks of time consistent throughout the week so that they become a natural routine.  
    Tip 5:  Make training a routine part of your life.
  6. Make a daily checklist. For my online personal training clients, I write a full training program out for the coming 4 weeks so they know exactly what needs to be done every day with their training and cardio. If you are going use tips to avoid procrastination with your workouts, then you must know what you have to get done. Be vigilant, and when you accomplish an entire list, reward yourself with a non-food reward.
    Tip 6:  Make that daily check list and stick to it!
  7. Don’t skip the easy items on your checklist. Be sure to include things like get in 1+ gallons of water per day or sleep 7+ hours per night on your check list. These things are important to remember but should be easy wins when you are avoiding procrastination.  
    Tip 7: Avoid skipping the easy stuff.
  8. Take a breather and recover. Rest days are just as important as heavy training days. Be sure that you schedule in specific days where you do not train. Schedule time to relax and recover.  
    Tip 9:  Be sure to rest & recover.
  9. Don’t expect immediate perfection. It takes time to get into a habit with your new healthy methods. You don’t have to master thing in one day. Such a daunting prospect may lead to disappointment and weakened motivation. Instead, focus on chipping away item by item and take baby steps toward your goals.
    My final 2019 Workout Tip for your weight loss journey is to remember true change take time.

When following these workout tips for losing weight, realize that everyone is different. Your habits are unique to you and you alone. Some women need to be surrounded by checklists and spreadsheets in a high tech gym while others thrive in their own home gym with a rough guide of what to do. The most important thing to remember as you make this transition to a healthy lifestyle and workout plan, it is the effort that counts. Go get started now!

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