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Protein Powder: Everyone’s doing it (for a good reason).

It used to be just bodybuilders and athletes. Now, everyone is waking up to the benefits of supplementing one’s diet with high-quality protein. Whether your goal is to build, shape, or slim your body, or promote overall health, everyone needs protein, but not any kind will do.

Choose high-quality protein

A high-quality protein will help you achieve your goals best. Nutritional scientists define a high-quality protein as one that is:
(a) easy to digest and
(b) provides all of the amino acids that your body requires for optimal health.


Beverly International UMP is the highest quality protein powder on the market.The highest-quality proteins are found in milk, eggs, and beef. Yet we’re told to limit our intake of each because of concerns about calories, fat, and cholesterol. Beverly can provide a helping hand: Our protein and meal replacement powders (MRPs) give you a super- concentrated dose of high-quality protein, without much of the calories, fat, and cholesterol you’ll find in many protein-rich foods.

An ad from the 1980s read, “There are proteins, and there are so-called proteins. For the real thing, see Beverly International!”

Granted, we’re biased, but it’s a fact that our protein and meal supplements have stood the test of time, perhaps longer than any other brand.