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UMP Protein - Cake Batter Protein Pudding

UMP Protein - Cake Batter Protein Pudding

Here's a simple "Cake Batter" UMP Protein recipe to try!!!

Indulge in a decadent treat that will bring back memories of licking the cake batter bowl clean.

This recipe features our favorite UMP Protein, complemented by 1/2 cup of fat-free plain yogurt and almond milk.  You'll feel like a kid again as you lick the sides of the bowl just like when your mom was baking a cake...but this's a healthy treat!
UMP Protein Powder
UMP Protein Powder - Cake Batter Pudding Recipe
* The nutritional information provided in these protein smoothie recipes is approximate and may vary based on the ingredients used. It is recommended to cross-check the data with actual product labels and consult a healthcare professional for individual dietary needs.
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