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Why is it totally OK that you love your coffee?

Why is it totally OK that you love your coffee?

The Health Benefits of Coffee

Drinking coffee has been linked to an improved health and a reduced risk to many kinds of ailments. 

Whether you’re gripping a travel mug on your way to work or dashing out after spin class to refuel with a cup of thick and bold java, it’s hard to imagine a day without a cup or twelve of the magic elixer. The caffeine perks you up, and there’s something incredibly soothing about sipping a steaming cup of joe, especially on a cool fall morning.

But is drinking coffee good for you?

Good news: The case for coffee is now stronger than ever. Numerous scientific studies indicate you could be getting more from your favorite morning beverage than you thought: Coffee is chock full of micronutrients and antioxidants that may help guard against many health conditions including cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease.

1. Coffee might help lower your risk of certain cancers.

    There are more than 1,000 chemical compounds in coffee, many of which likely harbor anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties according to a Genes & Nutrition study in 2015.

     Coffee and Cancer

    2. Coffee makes you run faster.

      Recent studies show that more than two-thirds of Olympic athletes use caffeine to improve their running performance. You can be quite sure that if Olympic athletes are using caffeine before they run, it must work. However, you don’t need to be an Olympic caliber runner to benefit from the strategic use of caffeine.

      Coffee Running and Fitness

      3. Coffee could decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s.

        Over the past decade, studies have found a link between coffee consumption and a lower risk of dementia. “It’s thought that the drink’s high caffeine content might be responsible for the brain-boosting benefits,” says Anne Marie Barnett, Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Association.

        Coffee & Alzheimers

        4. Coffee might protect your heart.

          According to the BMJ review, people who drink coffee are 19% less likely to die of cardiovascular disease and 30% less likely to die of stroke than their coffee-abstaining counterparts.

          Coffee and it's health benefits

          5. Coffee might help you live longer.

            That was the conclusion of a 2016 review in the European Journal of Epidemiology, which found that drinking four cups of coffee a day was associated with a lower risk of mortality, including death from heart disease and cancer.

             5 Health Benefits of Coffee

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